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Tournament Format

Please see the official rules.

Tournament Field:

  • The tournament will blend invitational and open formats.
  • Sixteen (16) slots will be invitational, going to the best of the best of the field. These players will receive a bye until the round of 32 where they will face players from the open field. The invitational slots will be unseeded and randomly placed on their half of the field of 32.
  • There is an unlimited number of open entries, going to any player who cares to play. These players will duke it out in single elimination, being distilled down to 16 players from the open field to make it to the field of 32 against the invitational slots.
  • Matches will be single elimination until the round of 32, afterwards the tournament will be double elimination. It will give players who advance in the tournament a chance to redeem themselves from a bad match.
  • The finals will consist of an undefeated opponent from the winner’s bracket and a once defeated opponent from the loser’s bracket. To the victor go all the spoils.

Match Scheduling

  • Matches must occur within the schedule below.
  • In the challenger rounds and in the main draw winner’s bracket, players will have 1 week to complete their match.
  • In some weeks in the main draw loser’s bracket, players will have 1 week to complete 2 matches.
  • If a match does not occur by the deadline, then the victor will be determined by a coin flip. However, if a player can demonstrate reasonable effort (as determined by the tournament director) to complete a match and their opponent cannot accommodate, the tournament director (interchangex) will advance the player who puts effort to play a match.
  • The deadline to report a score for a match is 11:59 pm U.S. Eastern Time (GMT -4)  on the Sunday of any given week.
  • You will receive an e-mail for your next matchup as soon as it is set, which may be more than 1 week before the deadline. This will not change the deadline. The earlier you play, the better for everyone else.
  • Keep in mind that players are playing from all over the world. Use Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to schedule matches, and no exactly what your time zone is!

Tournament Schedule

  1. (Sat Mar 31 – Fri Apr 6): Challenger round 1
  2. (Sat Apr 7 – Fri Apr 13): Challenger round 2
  3. (Sat Apr 14 – Fri Apr 20): Main draw winner’s round 1 (32 players)
  4. (Sat Apr 21 – Sun Apr 29): Main draw winner’s round 2 (16 players), Main draw loser’s round 1
  5. (Mon Apr 30 – Sun May 6): Main draw winner’s round 3 (8 players), Main draw loser’s round 2 & 3
  6. (Mon May 7 – Sun May 20): Main draw winner’s semifinals (4 players), Main draw loser’s round 3 & 4
  7. (Mon May 14 – Sun May 27): Main draw winner’s final (2 players), Main draw loser’s round 5
  8. (Mon May 21 – Sun Jun 3): Main draw loser’s semifinal & loser’s final
  9. (Mon Jun 4 – Sun Jun 10): ***World Championship Final***
  1. Poolminator permalink

    Only thing I would put is alternate breaking. It’s much more fair then winner break format. Would make matches more interesting. No player wants to see AlinVille running 10 racks on him 🙂

    • Several people have requested it, so the tournament is now alternate break!

  2. Poolminator#1 permalink

    grammar404 not found.

  3. Poolminator#1 permalink

    this was a reply to poolminators comment. sry

    • Great job! I love the ones in the lobby with the red drapes-my favorite is the one where her head is on his lap and sh;8&#217es smiling! The first dance ones are also nice!Love the song also-I will have to check them out!Do share where I can get me one of those hip camera straps-too fun! Also-cute brown dress!

  4. Marcellus permalink

    in day 31 how time begin the championchip? time in eua im say.

    • Tournament field will be closed Friday Mar 30 11:59PM US EST. Immediately after, the tournament draw will take place and e-mails will be sent with matchups. You will have 1 week to arrange and play each match.

    • I bow down humbly in the presence of such grnaseest.

    • Basiu, a ja w niedzielÄ™ taki z ogniska jadam – smakuje "dymnie" i cudnie, a jeszcze z dodatkiem czerwonych porzeczek zrobionych a'la żurawina to peÅ‚nia szczęścia:)Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

    • and was one of the most touching performances of the weekend. Raina dropped by Ardent to record Ardent Presents: Raina Rose a couple of years ago and it;s still one of my favorite

  5. tin00s permalink

    I vote for the Beach House opposed to the Garage. It’s a championship, let’s add some class :).

  6. If you are doing double elimination in the finals, then the “FINAL” game is indeed the final and is played between the winner of the winners bracket and the winner of the losers bracket. There is no need for a playoff, that is the final and the winner is the champ. This is the way pro tournaments in the USA are done.

  7. What is everyone else’s thoughts on the beach house?

  8. Poolminator permalink

    I vote for Hard Times

  9. Someone said HARD TIMES?
    It’s my table of choice.

    • (posted too quick)
      As long as this is not your “run-of-the-mill” weekly tournament, the highest class table should be used.
      Videos would look better on YouTube verses the dirty garage.

  10. John Lane permalink

    I like Hard Times because the table reminds me of the Brunswick Gold Crown I use to play on at my local pool hall years ago.

  11. GODPOWER#1 permalink

    alternate braks and loose pokets are for pussies but go ahead it wont matter what it is it wont save u if i’m shooting the cs ill run all raks so vgl k

  12. jonny permalink

    What crashs when.playing a match as lots of.people are crashing out all thw time

  13. Save the game and pick up where you left off.

  14. Jerry permalink

    is this tourny being played on GS…..or is there another server where it can be played…thanks snope

    • We are assuming everyone uses GSA to play. There are other ways to play (e.g. tungle, LAN play). If your opponent agrees to use alternative methods of connecting, that is OK. However, if you cannot arrange your match because you do not use GSA, then you will be forfeited.

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