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Small Update

Signups are slowing down but we have a good field of over 40 with a month+ of sign-ups to go. It’s looking like a good tournament with multiple past champions!

A note about sign-ups, though. Please only submit the form once. I have to manually add you to the sign-up page so it may take a day or 2 to have your name up there.

Biggest tournament news is that we have switched the table to Hard Times instead of Garage.


Backup Tournament Director Announced + MORE!

Good news everyone. Florida_Bill has agreed to be backup tournament directory for the VP3 World 9-Ball Championship! He will only have responsibilities should interchangex become unable to run the tournament. All inquiries should be posted in the comments here, or go to interchangex if necessary.

Also, major rule change: the tournament now will be ALTERNATE BREAK by request.

Additionally, I’d like to call for practice matches in tournament format to be played. You can report those matches to me via e-mail and I’ll put them up on the blogroll. Even better, record them and put them up on youtube.


A note about Tournament Etiquette

All right folks. Some people have expressed misgivings about entering the tournament due to a certain player being entered. I am writing this post to clarify a few things about how tournament etiquette will be handled.

  • Abuse of players will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Sufficient evidence of such results in an automatic disqualification.
  • What classifies as abuse is at the sole discretion of the tournament director(s).
  • The “leash” given to each player depends on their reputation. If you have a problem with a player during the tournament, do a screen capture and send it to a tournament director.
  • All players should strive to provide a good atmosphere for this tournament. This is the world championship. It should be fun. It should be war. It should be respectful — all at the same time. I realize someone will cross the line at some point. If so, just remind them to tone it down and have some fun!


Welcome to the new homepage of the Virtual Pool 3 World 9-ball Championship 2012!

This tournament is scheduled to begin Staurday, March 31, 2012 with signups closing the day before. Please sign up before then to secure your spot. Right now, the tournament format is just a suggestion. Please comment on this page in order to voice your opinion of how it should be done! If you don’t leave your feedback, I can only assume my decisions are liked! The only thing that is for certain is that everyone who signs up will have a chance to play and win, and that this tournament will actually happen.

The tournament director plays under the handle interchangex, also the maintainer of this website. I am also looking for a backup tournament director for insurance that the tournament will not become defunct. I will be among the contestants, but regardless of format I will be part of the open field and not receiving any built-in bye or seed. Please remember that I am just an individual with an everyday life, so direct your communications with me accordingly.

Regarding money – right now it is not in the works. If there is more interest, I may add donations to the prize pool. However, since the last tournament that attempted this went defunct, I would be reluctant to do so. I will, however, try to contact Steve Chaplain and see what he says about adding VP4 copies to the prize pool.

If you have suggestions for the tournament, please use the comment system on the site!!!