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Main Draw Set!

April 13, 2012

All of the challenger round matches are now complete. There were a few forfeits in the second round also, but every player left alive is active and primed for action.

For the first time, we’ll see the top 16 seeds duke it out in a double elimination format. Seeds were assigned random positions 1-16 and will each face an advancing challenger at random from the challenger rounds.

The tournament schedule will be crucial here because some weeks will have 2 matches played from the loser’s bracket.

There are some intriguing matchups here. In the first round, the tournament director (interchangex) is facing off against the backup tournament director (Florida_Bill). The prize? A likely matchup with reigning champion Skill#1 aka Stub. That’s the worst possible draw for the TDs, so at least everyone knows there isn’t any rigging going on here! Thank god for double elimination!

One intriguing matchup is polo taking on Jake_|3lues. I like the challenger polo in this matchup.  Also, keep your eye on TuxHomer taking on 10 ball champion mal255. And, MarcellusSP and Romario11 will be a close one.

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