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Tournament Update (Finally)

Hi all!

Sorry for the lack of activity lately. As many of you know I have had many things to juggle so I’ve been slacking. Regardless, everything is still moving a long. We got pushed back a week but now we are pretty much caught up.

Congrats to the final 8 players:

There’s been some great play. Efren_Reyes1 and OnePocketSlim have been on a mission, and didn’t disappoint with a hill-hill finish in the winner’s semifinal. Meanwhile, LarryL and Albinaro have shocked no one by cruising to the other semifinal. Little known snooker specialist TuxHomer has the privelege of trying to take down Skill#1. The reigning champion has played well, but made it to the losers bracket via forfeit with internet troubles. He was fortunate to take down tournament director interchangex in the best match of the tourney that was seen by no one. That one went hill-hill with interchangex reaching a 16-13 lead but unable to put the nail in the coffin. The tournament director will get a chance for redemption against reigning 10 ball champion mal255 in an elimination match.

I’ll be adding shortly to the brackets the results to date (order of finish).


Pick Your Winner!

Now that the tourney has started, let’s pull in some controversay. The approximate odds of wining (my best guess) are in brackets.

Main Draw Set!

All of the challenger round matches are now complete. There were a few forfeits in the second round also, but every player left alive is active and primed for action.

For the first time, we’ll see the top 16 seeds duke it out in a double elimination format. Seeds were assigned random positions 1-16 and will each face an advancing challenger at random from the challenger rounds.

The tournament schedule will be crucial here because some weeks will have 2 matches played from the loser’s bracket.

There are some intriguing matchups here. In the first round, the tournament director (interchangex) is facing off against the backup tournament director (Florida_Bill). The prize? A likely matchup with reigning champion Skill#1 aka Stub. That’s the worst possible draw for the TDs, so at least everyone knows there isn’t any rigging going on here! Thank god for double elimination!

One intriguing matchup is polo taking on Jake_|3lues. I like the challenger polo in this matchup.  Also, keep your eye on TuxHomer taking on 10 ball champion mal255. And, MarcellusSP and Romario11 will be a close one.

First Week Complete!

We had a couple no-shows, but the opponents all showed effort to complete a match so SuperMalt and UL_Camel[FIN] will all be advancing.

Otherwise the tournament matches have been exciting!

It looks like polo is the old maestro polomint, who shook off a bit of rust in dispatching a very solid c798 15-11 in the opening round.

Also advancing impressively is little known player TuxHomer who crushed both yakboy and Alvin_Philippines, neither of which are pushovers. Whichever seed draws Tux may be in for a surprise.

Congratulations to Le_Meilleurimmajica, Fluke[FIN], and TuxHomer, who have all completed their matches ahead of schedule and advanced to the main draw.

Early match & rule update

First, I have to apologize that I was improperly interpreting the rule about playing safety to the same rail more than 3 times (e.g. double kiss off the rail safe). This has now been clarified.

Early match update:

Congratulations Fluke[FIN] for being the first challenger to advance to the main draw!

Poolminator won a thriller over jennifer022, 15-14, requiring some gutsy play and 3 golden breaks to overcome jennifer’s skill.

Elsewhere, misterh3llbilly was on a mission, defeating titigreen 15-2.

Tournament Field Set

The tournament starts now! All sign-ups are final. I’m in the process of generating the challenger bracket and sending out matchup e-mails. You should start receiving yours shortly!

Tournament Schedule

All right guys. Here’s a schedule of the upcoming events. Brackets will be done using challonge bracket software. Because of the tournament format, we are going to have 2 different brackets:

1. Challenger rounds 1 & 2, single elimination, to determine which 16 non-seeded players advance

2. Main draw with 16 seeded players and 16 challenger winners. This draw is double elimination. NOTE: all rounds on the winner’s side last 1 week, which means we will require 2 loser’s bracket matches to be played within 1 week to advance during certain weeks.

Here’s the schedule:

  1. (Sat Mar 31 – Fri Apr 6): Challenger round 1
  2. (Sat Apr 7 – Fri Apr 13): Challenger round 2
  3. (Sat Apr 14 – Fri Apr 20): Main draw winner’s round 1 (32 players)
  4. (Sat Apr 21 – Fri Apr 27): Main draw winner’s round 2 (16 players), Main draw loser’s round 1
  5. (Sat Apr 28 – Fri May 4): Main draw winner’s round 3 (8 players), Main draw loser’s round 2 & 3
  6. (Sat May 5 – Fri May 11): Main draw winner’s semifinals (4 players), Main draw loser’s round 3 & 4
  7. (Sat May 12 – Fri May 18): Main draw winner’s final (2 players), Main draw loser’s round 5
  8. (Sat May 19 – Fri May 25): Main draw loser’s semifinal & loser’s final
  9. (Sat May 26 – Fri Jun 1): ***World Championship Final***